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by Nov 9, 2016

I (Dr. Kevin) may be a bit biased, but I personally believe that females are the backbone of the family. Unfortunately this means that they usually neglect their own health in order to put the health of their family first. You can only do this for so long! If you have symptoms, it is your body telling you to stop and take notice. Please listen to it!

The below information is taken from a selection of published case studies specifically on female health. If you have any questions, please contact us or ask at your next visit.


A 31 year old female presented for chiropractic care to improve her overall health. She had a history of digestive complaints, headaches and SI joint pain (Low back/Hip pain). She had also been trying to conceive for 9 months. After 13 weeks of chiropractic care 2 pregnancies were reported. The first was unsuccessful, the second was carried to term with no complications. (7).


In a case study by Gauthier & Mullin (2010) A 25 year old female with an absence of naturally occurring periods, was found to be subluxated (had nerve interference) at the two ends of her spine. After specific chiropractic adjustments and the use of natural progesterone cream, she reported her first menstrual period without the use of birth control pills.

In another study by Goodsell and Shtulman (2011) a 21 year old female with a history of low back pain and no menstrual periods following a trauma, received chiropractic care. After 12 weeks of care, she had her first menstrual cycle in 5 years. After 16 weeks of care, she reported normal, regular menstrual cycles for the first time in her life. This study suggests that chiropractic care may be advantageous to patients having reproductive problems.

A study published in the journal JMPT (3) demonstrated the reduction of symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome in 25 women under chiropractic care by up to 42%!


This study shows two reports of the resolution of polycystic-overy induced anovulation in females receiving chiropractic neuro-emotional technique (6)


This case study is about a 27 year old female who had suffered two miscarriages and had been anovulatory (not ovulating) for nine months, hence unable to get pregnant. She was under medical treatment for fertility and ulcerative colitis and was on a strict diet. After 2 months of chiropractic care, she had a normal ovulatory cycle and she became pregnant after her second normal cycle (4).

Another case series on 3 infertile females demonstrated how, after chiropractic adjustments, diet modification and nutrition, all three women conceived (5).


A 49 year old female presented with a history of depression, asthma, high stress, mood and gastrointestinal disorders. Over 7 months the female underwent chiropractic care. Self-rated health/wellness (SRHW) surveys were taken prior to care and at subsequent progress visits. These surveys assessed four aspects of health: physical state, emotional/mental state, stress and life enjoyment as well as overall quality of life.

The patient exhibited a considerable decrease in presenting symptomology alongside a substantial increase in self rated quality of life. Improvements were noted in SRHW over the 7 months of chiropractic care. (8)


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