What to Expect

How We Can Help

  • An in-depth evaluation of your pain, discomfort and any other health concerns you may have.
  • State of the art digital X-Ray system to assess spinal and pelvis alignment.
  • A comprehensive rehabilitation program for correcting spinal alignment and posture.
  • A comfortable, stress-free environment that you’ll want to come back to.
  • A level of treatment that is unparalleled and will make you start feeling better.

Your First Visit

When choosing a health care practitioner, you have many choices. Prior to commencing care with us, you can expect your first visit with us to be very thorough. This visit involves a detailed history, neuromuscular examination, and spinal x-rays (if necessary) to determine what is going to be the most effective care for you.

Your second visit is where we will take the time to thoroughly explain our recommended care plan, fees, and answer any questions you might have about becoming a committed patient here. 

Please read more below to learn about our first visit procedures and the innovative technology we use.

What the Spinal Examination looks like:

Detailed History: You can conveniently download our new patient forms HERE or complete the forms in office. These forms give us relevant background information we need to help you get better quickly. Once you are in the office, one of our team members will go through your history with you.

Once we have a thorough understanding of you, your current health status and what your desired goals are, we will begin the New Patient Examination

First – We will visually look for any postural problems – forward head posture, uneven shoulder heights.. etc , then ask you to perform full range of motion of your spine in various directions, indicating possible misalignments of the spinal column. Your body’s foundation. 

Second – We perform a comprehensive spinal movement and joint integrity check, this involves palpation(touching) of your spine, pelvis, and all extremities (hips, knees, shoulders etc..).

This is also when the doctor will perform certain orthopedic test, check your muscle tone and strength, reflexes, and even other neurological test based off your complaint and health history.

Third – Structural radiographs (x-rays) with analysis will be taken to show us the exact alignment of your body. We will be about to see if you have arthritis, bone spurs, degeneration and more. This allows us to give pinpoint specific treatments down to the millimeters based off what is best for you and your morphology. Because to see is to know, and not to see is to guess. When it comes to your health, we don’t guess. 

The x-ray analysis we offer differs from standard “medical” x-rays in that we first ensure your x-rays are taken while you are standing in your normal posture. We use very advanced diagnostic software that allows us to put specific x-ray lines and measurements to tract your exact alignment. For example: the degrees of tilt or rotation you may have at one or more joints. 


Step 1 - Consultation


We offer complementary consultations to all our new patients. Why? Because we want to make sure we can help you first.

Consultations are a conversation, not a commitment for a patient. It’s to discuss your problems with a doctor, one-on-one. and learn about our practice and spinal conditions.

If there is a spinal problem interfering with your body’s state of health, we can help you.


Step 2 - Examination


The examination is a comprehensive spine and nerve check up. Evaluating your body’s foundation (spine and pelvis) checking for indicators of poor alignment or spinal conditions.

The examination is a very objective process. This allows us to clearly see if there is a problem or not that needs to be addressed.  One example of this would be our digital X-Rays we use (if clinically indicated) on our patients.


Step 3 - Recommendations


Depending on your spinal condition and problems – indicated through the examination. We customize tailored plans to correct primary conditions for long-term relief.

Correction takes time. We will be upfront of how long of a process it will take for you, how much everything cost, and what’s expected of you.

We take your health very serious in our office, we make sure all our patients expectations and health goals are exceeded.

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