Western Medicine vs Chiropractic

by Sep 21, 2019

Western Medicine vs Chiropractic

“The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body”

In Western medicine today, the emphasis is often on procedures and medications to heal ailments. While this is necessary sometimes, it is a common argument that Western medicine abuses these practices, and many patients are treated in this way when they can simply use natural remedies instead.

The truth is that the body is meant to heal itself.  If you have a cut on your hand, it will heal by itself. You do not need to apply any ointments or have any procedures to heal this cut. Even if you crush your thumb with a large object, it will eventually heal itself as well as long as you have the materials to rebuild. The only way that these injuries would not heal is if you keep injuring that same area repeatedly every day.

The fact is that the drugs that are often prescribed by doctors do not actually address the problem. All they do is treat the symptoms and make us feel comfortable. These drugs typically come with all sorts of harmful side effects, and they do not even solve the underlying problem. A better way to deal with the problem is to address the actual problem, rather than simply trying to put a bandage on the symptoms.  That’s where Chiropractic comes in. 

Chiropractic is a profession based on science and art. They understand there is an amazing power within all of us that is constantly regulating and healing our body. This in-born wisdom is known as your innate intelligence in the chiropractic world. 

Think about it. For your heart to beat right now, for your eyes to work, for your lungs to fill with oxygen, all this takes place without our conscious control. This process is being controlled by our master system of the body, the nervous system. 

Chiropractors directly take stress off the nervous system by restoring and improving the integrity of a patients spinal column. Many people forget that inside your spine your life-line, known as your spinal cord, which is the tail of your brain. When your posture is bad, this will directly stress your nerves. 

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