TMJ Treatment and Pain Relief Columbus Ohio

by Dec 9, 2017

TMJ Treatment and Pain Relief Columbus Ohio


TMJ is no fun and can be caused by a structural issue in your cervical (neck) spine.

TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. It is responsible for opening and closing the jaw.

TMJ Treatment and Relif Columbus Ohio

There are several muscles and ligaments, as well as a disc, within the joint that can contribute to dysfunction. When people have TMJ dysfunction, oftentimes they experience symptoms like jaw or cheek pain, lock jaw, pain with chewing, or clicking/pain when opening or closing the jaw.

One of the first thing we asses at our structural corrective care chiropractic and wellness office is the curvature within the neck.

When you lose your cervical lordosis, or forward curve in your neck, your jaw will be affected. Think of your jaw and skull as a puzzle piece. With normal neck alignment, your jaw fits into your skull perfectly. But when your neck becomes straight (Text Neck) your jaw then gets pushed outwards and the mechanics of how it opens and closes dysfunctions leading to TMJ.

When the head is forward, this also causes the muscles around the area to respond to the misalignment in the spine. Therefore, it is common to have tight muscles around the jaw joint, which include the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles, masseter muscle, and temporalis muscle. All four of these muscles are innervated by the mandibular nerve, which is a branch off the Trigeminal Nerve. This nerve is a cranial nerve that exits the spinal column around the atlas, or first bone in the neck, under the skull

As structural corrective chiropractors here at Abundant You Chiropractic and Wellness, we adjust the spine and work on restoring the proper curvature of the neck to alleviate these symptoms.

Although most common, correcting structural imbalances or misalignment in your neck are just one way we tackle Jaw realignment can be done manually without surgery or breaking the jaw with a very specific chiropractic adjustment. To learn more about the anatomy of the jaw and figuring out your underlying cause read this blog post. 

TMJ Treatment and Pain Relief Columbus Ohio

Before coming to Abundant You, I was in pain daily for one reason or another. I suffered from TMJ pain for years and was told by the dentist that is “just the way my jaw is” and that my options were surgery or just to wear a mouth guard and learn how to minimize the symptoms. After my first week of Chiropractic care, I went from having daily (sometimes severe) TMJ pain to no symptoms at all. Now, when I open my mouth, I don’t feel my jaw shift to the right or click and jaw/ear pain and headaches on that side have stopped completely even in times of stress

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