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Advanced Chiropractic Care

We provide an advanced type of chiropractic care and posture rehabilitative techniques known collectively as corrective chiropractic care. Less than 1% of the chiropractic profession is certified in this type of technique.

Never in the history of chiropractic has there been a technique that is able to provide the level of help and long- lasting results that now exist. These new corrective care chiropractic methods are safe, accurate and more effective than ever before.

We believe in evidence-based care and follow the latest Chiropractic Research. One uniqueness of our chiropractic care is the cutting edge technology and instruments we use to not just “crack your back”, but to structurally fix the spine and support the surrounding tissues, ligaments, and tendons with posture rehabilitation. You can not have a structurally stable spine with poor posture! By correcting this, it allows our patients to get long-term even permanent change in their spinal structure, which results in long-term pain relief and increase in body function.

All doctors, Dr. Kevin Sarich, Dr. Ali Cooper, and Dr. Mitchell Bonnstetter have years of training and experience in spinal, extremity, and pediatric chiropractic adjusting.


Nutrition & Detox Plans

Are you confused? With so much controversy online- what to eat or not. We keep nutrition simple, personalized and practical. Our diet plans revolve around consuming READ FOOD, and minimizing sugar intake. We share with our patients how to lose weight naturally with healthy foods. This includes cutting edge nutrition regimens that will balance your hormones naturally, reduce body inflammation, and increasing your metabolism! No gimmick, no potions, no magical supplements, just real food, and practical ways to consume more of “The good stuff”. A few workshops we offer to our patients are a monthly Nutrition 101 class, and Shop-with the doc Tours.

We live in a toxic soup, you can’t avoid this. Since World War II, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been invented. Periodic cleansing and elimination are essential to your health & well-being. Toxins are lipo-soluble(fat loving) our body surrounds toxins with fat cells as a protective mechanism to prevent them from damaging the body. In fact, if you have more toxins coming in then you are getting rid of you will never lose weight! This is a common problem I see with so many toxins in our diets and environment.

Fitness & Stress Management

You don’t have to spend countless hours in a gym or wear tight spandex to be healthy. This is the old school of thought.

We show you the most effective, time-saving workouts to reduce stress, increase circulation and balance your hormones naturally for long-term weight loss.

We all know stress can kill, but what kind of acitivites or ways we cope with stress can make a big difference. When it comes to stress in our life their are things we CAN control and things we CAN’T control. We’ll show you some of the best ways to deal with stress naturally – allowing for a better nights rest.

Self Improvement

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Nothing is more true when it comes to your health or specific goals you want to accomplish.

Whether your like it or not. There are certain responsibilities and information you need to conquer your dreams.
We do whatever we can to help you achieve an Abundant YOU.

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