Physiotherapy versus Chiropractic Treatment

by Nov 6, 2016

When you are facing back difficulties, one of the more important decisions you will be faced with is whether to engage in physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment. There are pros and cons to each possibility, and the more information and research you have about this subject, the more equipped you are to make important decisions regarding your back problem.

Physiotherapy, which is commonly called physical therapy, refers to a wide range of treatments as well as diagnostic tests that can help treat conditions, diseases, and injuries through targeted muscle development and physical guidance. Chiropractic treatment generally refers to spinal manipulation to guide the back into alignment as well as a few other treatment options for special cases.

Physiotherapy is specifically targeted to help you address a specific problem within the back. Even when diagnosis is unclear, the feedback from the physical therapist to your physician can help indicate where the problem may lie. When you are capable of performing some exercises well but are in pain during others, combined with the medical training and insight that physical therapists provide, your physician or orthopedic doctor can gather valuable insight. Additionally, pool therapy and ultrasound therapy, as well as the general ice of heat pack application that is typically performed can alleviate pain for long periods of time.

When you go into chiropractic treatment you are likely to receive a thorough but efficient spine work up that can sometimes include possible diagnostic evaluations. Most people report feeling better once leaving the chiropractic office and believe that regular chiropractic treatments not only help to alleviate back pain but also help prevent future problems. At one time chiropractic treatment was not covered by medical insurance. This is not necessarily the case any longer, as more insurance companies offer several annual visits per year to help avoid the more costly physiotherapy aspects of recovery and treatment.

Back pain has become one of the top complaints when it comes to injury and pain. During any pre or post surgical experience, most insurance companies mandate that patients visit the physiotherapy treatment office but do not mandate that chiropractic treatment begin. While there have been almost no complications reported when it comes to spinal manipulation that affects the lower spine, there have been problems such as stroke and blood vessel injury when the neck receives manipulation. Interestingly enough, while chiropractic treatment may include many of the same ultrasound, stretching, or exercise regimens that physiotherapy involves, the reverse is often true as well. Many physical therapists and physicians are well trained in chiropractic manipulation.

When making your decision, sometimes cost is the basic factor. Chiropractic treatment is generally less expensive than physiotherapy. This is often because chiropractors focus on relieving the spine of its areas of restricted movement while physical therapists focus on long range goals like muscle development and long term pain relief. Chiropractic treatment is not quite the same thing as physiotherapy although the similarities between the two are really quite convincing that most back pain can be treated by either. Serious injury, sports injury, and surgical therapy is generally considered a situation of higher complication and should be treated by a specialist in the physiotherapy department.

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