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by Nov 9, 2016

Your “back bone” is composed of a bony spinal column surrounded by muscles, tendons and ligaments for proper stability and balance. If viewed from the side, the spinal column forms an “S” shape. The lower portion of the “S” comprises the lower back, known as your lumbar spine. Many forces affecting the body are exerted at the lumbar region. Forces that are excessive resulting from poor posture, improper structural alignments, trauma, or other causes can lead to lower back pain (LBP). The most common underlying cause of lower back pain are structural disturbances.

Who Gets Lower Back Pain in Columbus, Ohio?

Low back pain (LBP) is a very common medical problem in Columbus, Ohio. Approximately 90 percent of the population will suffer at least one debilitating episode of LBP in their life. Ten to 20 percent of the population experience LBP each year. Evaluation by a Corrective Care Chiropractor will help identify the specific pain generator and lead to an individual treatment plan. There are many potential causes of LBP. Spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the space in the central canal in the spine, is more common in older adults. Disc herniation is more common in younger and middle-aged adults. Back pain affects all groups of people. The most common result of varies back problems:disc herniation, disc degeneration, spinal arthritis, facet syndrome or even a mad muscle in your back stem from structural disturbances in your spinal or pelvis alignment. 

Nearly any tissue type or structure in the back can contribute to pain. The bone, discs, ligaments, muscles and nerve roots can all generate pain. All these structures are vulnerable when there is abnormal alignment of your spine or pelvis. Some abnormal alignment issues don’t show any signs of symptoms until it gets really bad. Luckily, there are common patterns and symptoms for varies back conditions.

For example, herniations or tears in the discs may cause back pain; however, bulges and herniations are often asymptomatic. A collaspe of the vertebrae, called a compression fracture, causes pain; this is common in osteoporosis and may occur with minor trauma in the elderly.

Low back pain with radiating leg pain is often due to a pinched or irritated nerve. Most commonly, this results from either disc herniation or osteoarthritis, which is an overgrowth of bone due to worn down disc cartilage. Muscle weakness, strain, or bone instability can also cause pain. The small joints which connect each vertebrae are called facet joints and can become inflamed and cause pain.

Understanding Your Body

The spine is composed of many small bones, the vertebrae, stacked on top of each other. Between the vertebrae are discs of gel-like tissue, which act as shock absorbers. The spinal cord and nerve roots pass down the spine in a canal behind the vertebrae and discs. A nerve root exits the spine on each side between each vertebrae through bony canals (called foramen). The lower spine attaches to the bony pelvis and the upper spine attaches to the ribs in the chest region. The spine allows motion by movement of the individual vertebrae and disc material. The outside of the discs have nerve endings which sense pain. 

The natural “S” curve of the spine allows for even distribution of weight. Flexibility and muscle tone in the back, pelvis and abdomen help maintain the curve. Keeping good posture is another way of maintaining this curve while sitting or standing. In normal activity, such as exercising or lifting, maintaining this curve helps reduce the risk of back injury. That is what physicians call good “body mechanics.” An individual with ideal posture has his or her ears in line with the shoulders and hips. When standing, the knees should be directly under the hips. If your posture is poor you most likely have poor structural alignment and your problem is stemming from an abnormal spinal alignment. These alignment issues are correctable through non-invasive drug less ways.

The best way to evaluate these important structures of your spine would be seeking a health professional who specializes in alignment and normal structure of the spine, not merely looking for fractures or tumors like a medical doctor would check. Search for a Corrective Care Chiropractor and your city.

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