Common Problems Solved by a Chiropractor

by Nov 6, 2016

A good chiropractor can easily spot symptoms afflicting the patient and is able to safely and efficiently conduct chiropractic procedures. Chiropractic treatment is an excellent option for those who do not like taking drugs such as pain killers, as chiropractors only implement hands-on treatment and is an all natural healing process.

A chiropractor concentrates on fixing problems with vertebral joints, which as the name suggests, includes vertebrae, ligaments, facet joints, shock absorbing cartilage discs, muscles and several other parts. Problems with these body parts can spread throughout the body, adversely affecting a person’s overall health. For example, excessive unbalanced muscle tension can cause one or more vertebrae to pop out of proper alignment with the others, which can cause back pain. The pain tends to travel down the spinal column to other areas all over the body. Thus a chiropractor is able to correctly diagnose a variety problems including the alignment of you pelvis bone.

As stated before, chiropractors do not use pills or other drugs and they don’t conduct medical procedures such as surgeries. What they do is more non-invasive and a hands-on procedure. These include manual treatments, orthotics, exercise programs, lifestyle modifications and physical therapy.

One of the procedures that chiropractors often carries out is spinal adjustments, this can include several different chiropractic techniques, such as spinal manipulation. In spinal manipulation, the chiropractor uses the vertebral projections for leverage and very quickly and with extreme care, applies a set amount of pressure to cause the joint to pop out beyond it’s normal range of motion, without harming it. This is the procedure most people think of when they picture a trip to the chiropractor, right down to the loud cracking sound it makes. That cracking sound is really just a bubble of nitrogen popping inside the joint and is completely harmless.

Another similar treatment is a spinal mobilization procedure, which is pretty much the same kind of leverage and pressure based procedure as spinal manipulation. The only main difference is that in spinal mobilization, the joint does is not popped beyond the normal range of motion. Repeated spinal mobilization treatments can actually, in many cases, increase the natural range of motion in area being treated. Also, for a great deal of problems, more than one spinal adjustment session is usually needed. Usually it takes six to ten days of regular visits to the chiropractor’s clinic to correct the problem afflicting the patient.

If the treatment is done by a professional and experienced chiropractor, chiropractic procedures have been proven to be safer than most other options. According to statistical reports a more people suffer from complications while treating their problem with antibiotic medicines such as pain killers, than from chiropractic procedures. Thus chiropractic treatments are a much better alternative to repeatedly taking antibiotics and should always be seriously considered before ever taking illegal drugs or any other unnecessary risks.

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