Can Chiropractic Help You Hilliard, Ohio?

by May 15, 2018

Can Chiropractic Care Help You Hilliard, Ohio?

Can Chiropractic Help You Hilliard, Ohio?

A lot of people misunderstand Chiropractic and what exactly it does for the human body. I often get messages from friends and family members asking me if I think Chiropractic can help them with their specific condition or problems. So, can chiropractic help you Hilliard, Ohio?

In short the answer is absolutely chiropractic can help you. In fact, it can help anyone with a spine and a nervous system. Yes, this includes young babies even a day or hour old too. So, what exactly does that mean when I say chiropractic can help you?

Does that mean chiropractic will relieve all your aches and pains? Does that mean chiropractic will help cure all your ailments, conditions, syndromes and more!? Maybe… or maybe not.

Most people are surprised when I say this, but the thing is, chiropractic isn’t really about your back or you spine at all- it’s about your nervous system. Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves that branch off your spinal cord like a tree branch.

The only reason chiropractors work on your spine is because inside your spine is your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is a critical component of your nervous system, which you all know is the main connector between your brain and the rest of the parts of your body. And as you all know also, your brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body. This includes healing, repair, and homeostasis.

In order to ensure your best state of health and a normal functioning body, we have to have a clear connection between our brains, and the rest of the parts of our body. However, when we go through life we ALL encounter different stressors that misalign and adversely effect our spines. The primary 3 stressors we are all exposed to are Physical, Chemical, and Emotional.

Physical stress examples would be poor posture – working at a desk or driving all the time, or major traumas like car accidents, falls, trips, sporting injuries.

Chemical stress examples would be things we consume or ingest- like alcohol, cigarettes, toxic food choices, harsh cleaning supplies or even cosmetics we use on our skin or hair.

Emotional or mental stress we encounter on a daily basics – like relationships, our kids, our jobs, even responsibilities we may face to name a few.

Those stressors I just mentioned above can CAUSE one or more bones in your spine to go out of alignment, and when that happens it interferes and irritates those nerves in your spine. Pinching of nerves is big deal, and most importantly interferes with the messages and signals flowing from our brains to our bodies. Just like a pinch in a garden hose obstructs the flow of water.

We know that in order for our body to function normally we HAVE TO HAVE clear messages going from the brain to the body. When messages are not clear, parts of the body where those nerves travel to no longer work properly. If we leave misalignment and spinal issues there over time, we very well can develop disease, dysfunction, and SOMETIMES pain.

It’s interesting to know only 20% of the time will we have pain when we need an adjustment or when we have an issue with our spine. So the other 80% of the time we often don’t have obvious symptoms but can have a problem in our spine. The ONLY WAY TO KNOW if we need an adjustment, or if we need chiropractic care is to have our spine evaluated. We do so by visiting the chiropractor.

Just as we don’t wait until we have cavities, an abscess or tooth decay to visit the dentist. When we go to the dentist he/she does a cleaning on our teeth, they assess our teeth and if we have cavities or need further work on our teeth he/she lets you know what we need and we get that setup.
So can chiropractic help me? Absolutely chiropractic can help you, whether you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, living in daily pain, have numerous health concerns, WHETHER YOU ARE HEALTHY, whether you are an athlete, whether you are someone who likes to perform at your best.

Chiropractic can help you, and can help you because its all about the brain and nervous system. The brain is the master control system of ALL FUNCTION inside our body, not only organ function, but also involved in balance, dexterity, speed, reaction time etc…

I hope you now know why chiropractic is more far reaching then just neck pain and back pain, but how it really is about your quality of life and total health. It’s not just about correction but about connection. So I strongly encourage you Hilliard, Ohio to visit a Chiropractor and get your spine checked, whether that is with me or not. Have a spinal evaluation so at least you know whats going on inside your spine and nervous system. There may be nerve interference that is preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

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